Welcome to The Curated Platter

The Curated Platter designs and creates beautiful one-of-a-kind edible works of art! With our platters, boards, and lavish grazing tables, The Curated Platter turns any occasion into an adventure. We curate the best ingredients so that your boards and platters not only double as your centerpiece but are fresh and delicious! The Curated Platter provides a perfect venue for people to come together and bond over delicious food! Entertaining couldn’t be easier!

Fresh Array of Snacks for All

Have an upcoming corporate event and not sure how to happily feed everyone? Contact us!  We can accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

Hand-Crafted & Personalized

The Curated Platter

Hassle-free Service

Be it a small get-together or a big wedding party, we offer hassle-free services. Every grazing platter, food table, or snack board made at The Curated Platter, is carefully designed, meticulously packaged, and immediately ready for serving.

Check out our wide selection of platters.